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Metal Spiral Tension Mesh


Material: Stainless Steel 304 or SS316 / Aluminium Alloy

Type: Flexible Spiral Mesh

Spiral Wire Type: Flat wire / Round Wire

Spiral Wire Diameter / Spiral Centers: Customized.

Rod diameter / Rod Centers:Customized

Screen Size: Customized.

Finish: Mill Finish / PVDF painted.



Material: Stainless Steel wires 304, 316,316L, Aluminum Alloy Wires, Brass Wires, Copper Wires, Phosphor bronze wires.
Spiral Wire Type: Flat wire / Round Wire
Spiral Wire Diameter
-Flat wire diameter: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 3.3mm, etc.
-Round wire diameter: 1.2mm, 2.6mm, etc.
Spiral Centers: 3.0mm, 8.0mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, 24.3mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm,
Rod type: straight wire rod / pre-crimped wire rob.
Rod diameter:
-Straight wire dia.: 2mm, 3.5mm, etc.
-Pre-crimped wire dia.: 1.3mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.6mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, etc.
Rod Centers: 13mm, 15mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm 40mm, 60mm, 65mm, etc.
Finish: Mill Finish / PVDF painted.
Size: Customized.

Metal Spiral Chain Linked Drapery was a type of spiral woven fabric, formed by a combination of horizontally straight rods or pre-crimped wire rods and vertically spiral round wires or flat wires, with both ends closed welded. 
This wire mesh drapery was originally created as conveyor wire belts in the baking and food processing industry. Until then it was found by architects and has finally been used as a popular cladding material, and flexible metal wire facades in the architectural decoration industry. It is also called balanced spiral woven conveyor belts, architectural spiral belts, and decorative spiral wire belts.

METART spiral chain link drapery is mainly made of stainless steel wires. SS304, S316, and SS316L are the most popular and practical stainless steel materials for this mesh curtain. Customers can choose the grade of stainless steel according to its application environment. SS304 spiral drapery is suitable for inland cities and mainly for exterior decoration. While ss316 and 316L have a much better performance in coastal cities and exterior cladding or shading projects.
Besides stainless steel spiral belt drapes, other metal materials like Aluminum alloy wires, copper wires, brass wires, and phosphor bronze wires can be also used in the fabrication of spiral wire belts. But it depends on different specifications and different order quantities. 

1.  Industrial Conveyor Belts, food processing conveyor belts, baking system conveyor.
2.  Balustrading woven wire panels and railing system.
3.  Wall cladding woven spiral wire panels and hotel lobby dividers 
4.  Flexible Building Façade, sunshine control system.