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Designer Metals for Interior Cladding and Decoration including elevator cabin & lobby interiors


Pattern Code: METART-WW33-2

Type: Rigid Decorative Metal Mesh

Raw Material: SS304,SS316 or SS201

Opening area: 0%

Square Meter Weight:12kg per square meter

Sheet Width: Within 2000x4000MM ( for mill finish )



What Are Designer Metals?


Designer metals refer to metal sheets, metal mesh, and metal screens that are decorative and can be used for architectural decoration purposes.

These decorative metal panels are primarily used for interior decorations and are favored by many designers and architects.

This is why they are always called designer metals.


How is METART-WW33-2 Designer Metals Made?


Designer metal METART-WW33-2 is a well-designed elegant architectural wire mesh.

Most of the time, this designer metal screen is made of stainless steel wires, but we can also produce bespoke materials including true copper, brass, and bronze wire for those luxurious cladding requirements.

This designer metal screen is produced using three different diameters of wires.

Vertically, the screen features a straightened wire rod with a nominal diameter of 1.5mm and an actual measurement of 1.45mm, serving as the warp wire during weaving.

Horizontally, it incorporates two different crimped wires arranged in a repeating pattern: a nominal 2mm wire, pre-crimped and milled to flattened decorative oval surfaces for added ornamentation, is followed by four pieces of 1.5mm wire, also milled to flattened oval surfaces.

This sequence—one 2mm wire followed by four 1.5mm wires with flattened surfaces—is repeated continuously throughout the weaving process.

Following weaving, the designer metals undergo a precision cutting process according to the customers' PO or drawings before being sent to an electro-plating facility for copper plating.

The result is an exquisite antique copper-plated designer metal, echoing the showcased images, and showcasing the elegance and craftsmanship of METART-WW33-2.

1.5MM (1.45mm) Wire Rod

2MM (1.95mm) Pre-crimped Decorative Wire

4 nos x 1.5MM (1.45mm) Pre-crimped Wire Groups


Double-Sided Decorative Features


This architectural designer metal mesh features different appearances on both sides.

All of the milled oval surfaces are on one side of the screen, referred to as SIDE A, while the other side displays natural crimps, referred to as SIDE B. Both sides of the screen can be used decoratively when applied to wall cladding.

Please refer to the following pictures for visual reference.

This double-sided design is always market-friendly for wholesalers and distributors of architectural wire meshes. Customers will have an extra design choice just for one decorative metal mesh panel.


Specification Overview

Optional Materials

SS316, SS304, SS201, True Copper, Brass, Bronze


Rigid Architectural Wire Mesh

Diameters of wire rods


Diameters of pre-crimped wires


Diameters of wire groups.

4 nos x 1.45mm



Rod Pitch


The overall thickness of the metal screen


Opening Area


Privacy Rate



12kg/Square Meter

Optional ways of cut

Straight Cut Only

Optional Finishes

Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish,

Antique Copper Plated Finish,
Antique Bronze Plated Finish,

Antique Brass Plated Finish,

PVD titanium plated.


Diverse Utilization


This solid designer metal mesh panel is widely used for various architectural applications, especially for interior cladding as trending decorative elements for commercial interiors, including elevator cabin wall cladding panels, fancy store wall cladding panels, privacy partition screen infills, high-end metal mesh for railing infills and many other creative cladding projects.