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About METART - The Artistry of Metal

Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals, as we cordially invite you to partake in the intellectual realm of METART - a place where the intricate interplay of wire and the boundless realm of wonder converge harmoniously.

At METART, we transcend the mere realm of manufacturing, for we embody the essence of metal mastery, the embodiment of alloy artistry, and the embodiment of visionary versatility. Ever since our establishment in 2004, we have been seamlessly amalgamating the robustness inherent in industrial metal mesh and sheet metal fabrication, including perforating and laser cutting, with the refined finesse of artistic craftsmanship, thereby engendering creations that transcend mere utility and instead manifest as exquisite exemplars of aesthetic ingenuity.

Our Journey: Crafting Excellence with Every Strand

Our odyssey commenced with a rudimentary yet potent concept: to transmute the inflexible essence of metal into pliable, intricate, and eloquent manifestations. The inception of this concept has engendered the emergence of the "Metal Meta World of Art," a testament to our avant-garde methodology in the realm of metal fabrication.

For a span of close to twenty years, METART has consistently served as a paragon of unwavering ethical conduct and groundbreaking originality. Our fundamental principles are intricately interwoven into the very essence of our enterprise, guaranteeing that every product that departs from our manufacturing facility is an emblem of exceptional quality.

The assortment of commodities we offer: An orchestration of metallic elements

The breadth and complexity of our product assortment are truly remarkable. Our expertise mainly lies in the fabrication of wire mesh products that exhibit remarkable diversity and adaptability, including stainless steel wire drawing and supply, handwoven and CNC-controlled woven wire cloth, perforated metal sheets, perforated steel coils, and laser-cut metal screens.

We are perpetually engaged in the production of industrial wire mesh ranging from 1x1 mesh to the finest wire cloth.

Our unwavering devotion to optimizing delivery efficacy is paralleled by our steadfast dedication to providing a wide array of options and ensuring ample stock availability. We proudly boast an extensive inventory of filtration wire mesh rolls and decorative wire mesh panels, boasting a substantial valuation exceeding $1.5 million.

Our services extend beyond the mesh. We provide a comprehensive array of services, including but not limited to

►Precision slitting in which way makes the filter mesh from big rolls into small-sized rolls,

►CNC cutting or laser cutting to regular square or rectangular shapes or exotic shapes by laser cutting

►Filter disc punching to customizable diameters

►Multi-layer mesh filter disc spot welding, rimming, and mesh sintering.

Rolling and welding to cylinders, diameter, and height is customizable.

►Flange connecting to a mesh filter, custom-made based on customers’ drawings.

►Mesh Annealing. A special way to take away the inner stress and spring tension of stainless steel material makes the wire cloth more suitable for forming and pleating for industry use.

►Calendering - serves as a method to attain a uniform and flat surface for wire cloth, tightening the woven structure and instilling greater stability. This process enables the achievement of a consistently desired fabric thickness.

►Ultrasound cleaning to take away the oil and grease from the surface of the products

►Electropolishing to remove the welding marks and enhance the beauty of the items, especially for food-related mesh filters, stainless steel strainers, kitchen wares, stainless steel BBQ wire grilles, and high-end stainless mesh products.

►Pickling and passivating, which is also a way of degreasing industry mesh and enhancing the corrosion resistance of the products,

►Surface treatment, including regular painting, powder coating, and PVDF painting for architectural wire mesh panels and perforated mesh, PVD plating, and copper alloy plating for decorative wire mesh panels only.

►Assortment of welding services, including TIG, MIG, laser welding, plasma welding, and resistance welding.

These extra techniques and service offerings enable us to craft tailor-made industrial and architectural screen mesh products to meet the unique needs of our discerning clientele.

Our Team: Architects of Imagination

METART takes great pride in its distinguished assemblage of erudite architects and designers, whose expertise extends beyond mere craftsmanship to encompass the realm of imaginative ideation. The essence of collaboration is deeply ingrained within our very being. As a result, we forge alliances with esteemed design teams hailing from both Australia and the United States, thereby guaranteeing a comprehensive global outlook in each and every creation.

The cordial summons extended to you is an opportunity to witness the harmonious convergence of your imaginative faculties and our adept craftsmanship.

We cordially extend an inclusive invitation to esteemed architects, visionary designers, and imaginative dreamers to engage in fruitful consultations with our esteemed organization, wherein we shall collaboratively explore the realm of bespoke projects. METART is dedicated to the manifestation of your conceptualizations, be it an exceptional ornamental artifact or a multifaceted structural component.

Our Promise: Reliable Partnerships

Our objective is unequivocal - to establish ourselves as the most dependable purveyor of mesh products in China, serving as a steadfast collaborator capable of transforming your abstract ideas into tangible manifestations. When engaging with METART, one is not merely making a selection of a supplier, but rather undertaking the task of choosing a collaborative partner who holds one's vision in high regard, demonstrating an equal appreciation for its significance.

Our Future: A Canvas of Possibilities

In contemplating the future, METART envisions a realm wherein our metallic creations transcend their mere utilitarian purpose of occupying physical areas, instead serving as catalysts for inspiration and metamorphosis within said spaces. We are embarking upon an unwavering pursuit to transcend the limitations of metal, delving into uncharted realms of technological innovation, artistic methodologies, and intricate patterns, thereby revolutionizing the very essence of metal craftsmanship.

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Embark on a captivating exploration of boundless possibilities within the remarkable realm of METART. Join forces in a collaborative endeavour to bring your ideas to life and create something truly remarkable.