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Architectural Expanded Metal


Material: Aluminium, Aluminum Alloy, Mild Steel,

Pre-galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel Sheet.:

LW/LWM/LWD: 10mm-200mm

SW/LWM/SWD: 5mm--80mm

Strand Width: 4–30 mm

Strand Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm

Size: 2.4M-4M




What is Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh?

Architectural expanded metal refers to a specialized type of expanded metal mesh that is often used in architectural and design applications to create decorative elements, functional features, and unique visual effects. It is made by stretching and expanding a metal sheet, typically aluminum or steel, to create a pattern of interconnected openings or holes. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the material but also provides various functional benefits.


Flexible Specifications.

Material: Aluminium, Aluminum Alloy, Mild Steel, Pre-galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel Sheet.
LW / LWD: 10mm - 200mm
SW / SWD: 5mm - 80mm
Strand Width: 4mm - 30 mm
Strand Thickness: 1.5 - 3.0mm
Overall Thickness: 10 - 37 mm
Opening Area: 11% - 70%
Width: Within 2.4M  Length: Within 4M
Finish: Mill Finish, Powder Coated, PVDF Coated, Hot Dip Galvanized.


Knowing the Structure of Expanded Metal Screen Through the Following Sketch.

Popular Aluminum Expanded Mesh Pattern

Popular Pattern#

Strand Size MM

Hole Pitch ( Centers) MM

Opening Rate

T (Thickness of Plate)

W (Strand Width)




2.0 / 2.5






2.0 / 2.5






2.0 / 2.5






2.0 / 2.5






2.5 / 3.0






2.5 / 3.0







An expanded Metal Sheet is a three-dimensional sheet metal mesh that is first cut and then quickly stretched to form repeated diamond-shaped hole patterns. Basically, METART BUILDING TECH can produce and supply different materials including expanded mild steel, expanded GI steel, expanded stainless steel, expanded aluminum, hot dip galvanized expanded mild steel, and special alloy materials such as expanded nickel mesh, expanded titanium mesh, expanded brass mesh, and expanded copper sheet, etc. In recent years, METART has been focusing on the manufacturing of big opening expanded aluminum, as it is becoming a very popular cladding building material. 

The expanded aluminum mesh is widely used as sunshine control mesh, building façade mesh, and fencing mesh. 
The architectural expanded aluminum sheet is lightweight but durable as the material strength wasn’t completely destroyed during manufacturing. And aluminum has great corrosion resistance in exterior buildings and decoration which makes it a good choice for wall cladding and fencing.

Custom Welding and Framing Service

Our service involves seamlessly integrating expanded mesh panels with frames made primarily from aluminum or steel angles. With a focus on quality, we create a strong connection that adds structural integrity and elegance to your architectural vision.

We begin by selecting top-quality expanded mesh panels tailored to your needs. Our experts carefully craft each panel to meet high standards.

Our skilled welding techniques merge the expanded mesh panels with frames. Whether aluminum or steel angles, our frames complement the mesh, resulting in a unified aesthetic.

Our Custom Welding and Framing Service adapts to your project demands – dimensions, finishes, and intricate details. Each project is handled with individual attention for a perfect fit.


Extra Protective Coating Layers and Stylish Finishes

Besides mill-finished expanded metal screens, METART BUILDING TECH also provides a range of finishes that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure enduring durability for your projects. Our offerings primarily consist of two finishes: powder coating and PVDF painted finish, tailored to meet your unique requirements.



Powder Coating Finish: Powder coating is a versatile and popular choice, known for its exceptional durability and striking appearance. The process involves electrostatically applying a dry powder to the expanded mesh panels, which is then cured under heat. This creates a robust and even coating that effectively shields against environmental elements, abrasion, and corrosion. Powder coating offers a wide range of color options, allowing seamless integration with diverse architectural visions. It's an ideal choice for outdoor applications, offering excellent weather resistance and longevity.

PVDF Painted Finish: Our PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) painted finish is a premium option, renowned for its superior performance in demanding outdoor environments. This finish boasts remarkable resistance against fading, chalking, and weathering, ensuring that your architectural elements retain their allure for years to come. The PVDF coating provides an additional layer of protection against UV rays, pollutants, and harsh climatic conditions. With a broad spectrum of colors available, PVDF painted finish allows you to achieve a truly customized and striking appearance for your projects.

Both powder coating and PVDF painted finishes are exceptionally well-suited for expanded ceiling panels, stylish expanded partitions, expanded facade shading screens, and architectural fencing expanded panels. These finishes offer not only aesthetic enhancement but also serve as reliable barriers against the challenges posed by the elements.

It's important to note that while we provide a variety of finishing options, we do not offer anodizing service for expanded aluminum screens. This decision is made to ensure consistency in color, avoiding potential discrepancies that can arise with anodizing. As the anodizing techniques in our cities and surrounding area doesn't meet international standard. We don't want to get both parties in trouble.

Experience the perfect blend of protection and style with our Extra Protective Coating Layers and Stylish Finishes. Whether your project demands resilient outdoor performance or a distinctive visual impact, our finishes are tailored to your needs, ensuring that your architectural creations stand the test of time.

Features of Architectural Expanded Mesh:
Pattern Variability: Architectural expanded metal can be produced with a wide range of patterns, offering versatility in achieving different visual effects and textures.
Lightweight and Strong: Despite its lightweight nature, expanded metal mesh maintains structural integrity and strength, making it suitable for various architectural applications.

Ventilation and Light Transmission: The pattern of openings in expanded metal allows for ventilation, airflow, and the transmission of natural light while providing some level of shading or privacy.

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant: Expanded metal can be manufactured from materials like aluminum with an extra powder coating or PVDF painting finish, offering corrosion resistance and durability, even in challenging environments.


Uses in Architecture:

Building Facades:

Expanded metal screens can be used as decorative elements on building facades, adding texture and visual interest to the exterior.

Sunshades and Screens: These screens can serve as sunshades, providing shade and reducing solar heat gain while allowing airflow and maintaining views.

Partitions and Railings:

Architectural expanded metal can be used as partitions or railings, offering a combination of transparency and separation in interior spaces.

Ceilings and Interior Design: Expanded metal can be used in ceilings and interior design elements to create unique patterns and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Furniture and Art Installations:

Designers and artists often incorporate expanded metal into furniture pieces and art installations to add a contemporary and industrial touch.

Security and Safety: Expanded metal screens can also be used for security purposes, such as window guards or protective enclosures.