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Dual Sided Decorative Wire Grilles for Cabinets


Pattern Code: METART-WW05-18083R

Material: SS201, SS304, SS316, Brass, Copper, etc.

Type: Rigid Wire Mesh for Cabinets

Opening rate: 42%

Square Meter Weight: 3.4KG

Finish: Antique Brass Plated / Antique Copper Plated / Antique Bronze, etc.

Max Size: 3M width x 15Meters long, ( 10x50 Feet)




Elevate Your Cabinet Design With the Simplest Wire Grille Design but Versatile Possibilities


Welcome to the world of METART-WW05-18083R, a distinguished member of our "WW05" family of stylish decorative wire grilles. This cabinet wire grill is not just a product; it's a testament to reimagining interior elegance. Thoughtfully designed, this dual-sided decorative marvel effortlessly harmonizes timeless charm with contemporary utility.

While its design may appear elegantly simple, METART-WW05-18083R offers an abundance of versatility showcasing impeccable craftsmanship, featuring semi-circular stainless steel wires. One side presents an alluring round pattern, while the other boasts a sleek, flat surface. This distinctive duality empowers you to sculpt your cabinet designs with precision, turning each installation into a masterpiece.

For dealers, it serves as a valuable asset, providing customers with two distinct choices for cabinet decoration from a single, stylish design. It's an ideal solution for those who find it challenging to make a decision about which pattern to select. With METART-WW05-18083R, you gain two distinct and captivating options, simplifying the decision-making process while elevating your interior design.


Choosing the Right Material and Finish

METART-WW05-18083R offers a range of material and finish options to cater to your unique design preferences. Stainless steel, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, stands as a timeless choice. Elevate your design with the opulent antique look of copper or brass-plated finishes. Alternatively, explore finishes like PVD plated gold, grey, rose gold, or budget-friendly painted options.

Please refer to the following the most popular 3 different finishes, including, Antituqe Bronze Finish, Antique Brass Finish, and Antique Copper Finish.

Technical Excellence at a Glance

Here's a snapshot of METART-WW05-18083R's key specifications:

Raw Material

Stainless Steel 201, 304, 304, real brass, real copper.

Type of wire mesh

Rigid mesh for cabinet

Wire Strip:


Clear Hole Size


The total thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Privacy Rate



3.4kg/Square Meter

The way of cutting

Straight Cut

All optional ways of cut

Straight Cut, Diamond Cut

All optional Finish

Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish),
Antique Bronze plated, Antique Copper plated, Antique brass plated,

Brass Plated, Copper Plated.

PVD Plated

Common Painted, PVDF Painted,

Custom-made specifications and Mini order accepted.


All measurements, such as wire thickness, diameter, opening, and overall thickness, are nominal. Please note that minor fabrication tolerances may apply to the actual specifications.


Elevate Your Cabinets Today


Transform your interior design projects with METART-WW05-18083R, where innovation meets elegance. Join the ranks of discerning designers and homeowners who choose METART-WW05-18083R to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of style and sophistication.