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Architectural Mesh - Perfect Infill Panels for Railing, Balustrading and Partitions


Pattern Code: METART-WW06-51032

Materials: SSS304 / SS316 / SS201, copper, brass, bronze etc.

Type: Rigid Architectural Wire Mesh

Opening rate: 15.2%

Weight: Approx 8kg per square meter

Screen Width: Within 3M( for mill finish )

Screen Length: Within 4M ( for mill finish)



Discover Heaps of Fancy Architectural Mesh Designs in METART BUILDING TECH - An Architectural Wire Mesh Specialist from China.


METART is a wire mesh manufacturer and an exporter, including a wide range of architectural mesh and filter wire cloth products. 

Holding hundreds of decorative metal mesh designs and toolings, we can easily provide most of the popular architectural mesh panels in the global market.  For those new design, METART is able to customize the tooling and provide OEM production service for customers.


How is METART-WW06-51032 Architectural Metal Mesh Produced?


•Tailor-Made Decorative Wire Ribbons - At first glance, the wire strip might appear to be composed of a few fine wires. However, upon closer observation, you'll discover that they are decorative metal ribbons with four shallow grooves. Measuring 5mm wide by 1mm thick, these ribbons boast the ideal rigidity for a lot of architectural applications.

•Pre-crimping - The wire ribbons will go through a pair of hardened alloy wheels to get precision-spaced crimp for easier production.

The wire preparation work will need to be done separately. The vertical wires are produced at a very long size, always up to 20 meters or even longer, Whearas, the weft wire will be cut to the required size.

•Weaving - Most commonly seen Plain Weave pattern. The warp and weft adopt the same wire ribbons to keep the screen uniform. The weft wire ribbons go across over and under the warp metal ribbons repeatedly.

•Cut to Size - After a big wire mesh panel is made, our laborers will cut it to the customer's order size with electric scissors. The dimension tolerance is controlled at (-0, +5mm). if you need a very precise cutting service, we will cut it by laser cutting machines, under a tolerance (+/- 0.5mm).

•Surface Treatment - After the wire mesh panels are cut to sizes, they will be sent to the electro-plating factory to have this antique copper plating finish.


Specification Overview

Pattern Code

METART WW06-51032

Optional Raw Materials

SS304, SS316, SS201, Pure Copper, Brass, Bronze

Type of mesh

Rigid Architectural Mesh

Metal Strips




The overall thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Privacy Rate



8KG/Square Meter

Optional ways of cutting

Straight Cut, Diamond Cut.

Optional Finishes

Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish,
Antique Copper/Bronze/Brass Plated Finish

PVD titanium plated.


Features of Architectural Mesh METART-WW06-51032


► Specially textured decorative wire ribbons.

► Rigid woven wire structure suitable for security applications, including railing infill panels, balustrade infills, interior divider infill metal mesh, and more.

► High privacy rate to meet most governmental privacy screen requirements for building projects.

► Lightweight design for easy handling during cladding.