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Wire Mesh for Interior Cladding


Pattern Number: METART-WW26

Material: SS304, SS316, SS201, Aluminum, Brass, Copper etc.

Type: Rigid Interior Cladding Decorative Wire Mesh

Opening Rate: 46%

Weight: 6KG/Square Meter

Finish: (Antique) Brass, bronze, or copper plated and Mill finish.

Screen Size: Within 3000MM x 4000MM





Interior cladding wire mesh is a sophisticated architectural woven wire solution designed to elevate interior spaces with both style and functionality.

It is characterized by its intricate mesh or grid pattern, well crafted by interlocking or weaving superior and corrosion-resistant metal wires mainly including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze.

This decorative wire mesh serves as a versatile design element, seamlessly enhancing the aesthetics and texture of interior surfaces, including walls, ceilings, partitions, and columns.

One of the defining features of interior cladding wire mesh is its exceptional visual appeal. It effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and modernity to any indoor environment, making it a favored choice among architects, designers, and discerning end-users. The intricate patterns and designs create a visual interest that transforms plain surfaces into captivating focal points.

Beyond its decorative prowess, interior cladding wire mesh is engineered with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind. Made from high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials, it stands the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting investment that retains its original luster. Its flat and smooth surface not only lends itself beautifully to cladding applications but also simplifies cleaning and upkeep.

Moreover, interior cladding wire mesh offers practical advantages that go beyond aesthetics. It allows for optimal ventilation while preserving privacy when needed, making it a versatile choice for various interior spaces. This thoughtful combination of form and function aligns perfectly with modern design sensibilities, where beauty and utility harmoniously coexist.

In summary, interior cladding wire mesh is the embodiment of contemporary design excellence. It offers a harmonious blend of decorative appeal, durability, and ease of maintenance. As a transformative design element, it enriches interior spaces, making them more inviting, sophisticated, and dynamic. With a commitment to superior craftsmanship and a focus on materials that stand up to the test of time, interior cladding wire mesh is an investment in elevating interior design to new heights.




In the world of contemporary architecture and designs, decorative wire mesh has emerged as a celebrated choice for interior cladding. Its unique ability to infuse sophistication into interiors while offering practical benefits such as privacy, ventilation, and durability has captured the attention of those at the forefront of contemporary design.

METART BUILDING TECH, a distinguished wire mesh factory specializing in innovative architectural solutions, proudly leads the way with a comprehensive range of patterns and customization options tailored to the unique visions of designers, architects, and discerning end-users.

Besides the patterns we are listing on our website, we can also customize endless other different designs and create many variants based on current patterns to suit different project requirements.

►Diverse Pattern Selection:

Our pages boast a wide array of wire mesh patterns, each one is well crafted to suit various design aesthetics. Whether you seek a sleek and modern look or a more intricate and artistic feel, we have the pattern to match.

►Premium Material Choices:

We understand that the material selection is crucial for both aesthetics and durability. Our decorative wire mesh can be crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, each offering its distinct charm and longevity.

►Customization Expertise:

Every project is unique, and we embrace the challenge of customization. Whether it's adapting patterns, adjusting dimensions, or exploring new finishes, we excel in tailoring our products to fit your specific needs.




At the forefront of our offerings stands METART-WW26, a coveted decorative wire mesh pattern that has garnered praise and gained a devoted following among our esteemed customers. This pattern is well-designed with a primary focus on interior cladding and partitions, presenting a distinct feature that sets it apart in the world of architectural cladding materials.

What sets METART-WW26 apart is its exceptional dual-sided design. Remarkably, both sides of this wire mesh can be equally used as the decorative face, offering unmatched design flexibility that fuels creativity in interior spaces. This unique feature allows architects and designers to achieve captivating aesthetics while ensuring seamless integration with the overall design concept.

Specification Overview.

Raw Materials

SS304, SS316, SS201, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze

Type of Mesh

Rigid Wire Mesh for Interior Cladding

Flattened Wire Strip


Crimped Rod Wire Diameter

1.5mm for stainless steel, 2mm for aluminum and copper alloy

Aperture Size


Strip Centers


Rod Centers


Overall Thickness of the fabric


Opening rate


Block out rate


Privacy Rate



Approx 2.4KG/Square Meter for Aluminum Cladding Wire Mesh

Approx 6KG/Square Meter for Stainless Steel Cladding Mesh

Approx 6.6KG/Square Meter for Copper Brass & Bronze Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Finishes

Mill Finish, Copper Plated, Brass Plated

Antique Copper Finish, Antique Brass Finished, Antique Bronze Plated.

PVD Gold, PVD Black, PVD Grey, PVDF Painted

Aluminum Finishes

Mill Finish, Regular Painted, Powder Coated, PVDF Painted, Nano Coating.

Copper / Brass / Bronze Finishes

Mill Finish ( Customer does the treatment after framed)

Ultrasound Cleaning + Passivating + Primer

The way of cutting

Straight Cut Only

Customized specifications and Mini order accepted.


All the measurements including wire thickness, diameter, opening, and overall thickness are nominal numbers. The actual specification might have a tiny bit of tolerance according to fabrication


The sample pictures in our gallery are brass-plated stainless steel wire mesh. Besides this finish, we can provide many other finishes. 

Please refer to the following a few pictures of our products with different finishes.

►Mill Finished Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - WW26

►Brass Plated Stainless Steel Mesh - WW26

Antique Bronze Plated Mesh Panel Made of Stainless Steel - WW26

►Antique Copper Plated Mesh- Made of Stainless Steel - WW26

►Golden PVD Stainless Steel Mesh - WW26

►Regular Painted Finish - Grey - WW26 Mesh Made of Stainless Steel




METART-WW26's charm lies in the meticulous pre-crimping craftsmanship that goes into its construction. All the toolings need to be made of special hard alloy and precisely machined to guarantee good quality. This wall cladding wire mesh is made from one-way architectural pre-crimped wires, measuring approximately 2.2mm in width and 1.2mm in thickness. In the other direction, it features 1.5mm regular round wires, slightly crimped to facilitate the weaving process.

Side A of this decor wire screen showcases stylish crimped bumps, adding a touch of sophistication to any interior application. On the flip side, side B presents a minimalist yet highly appealing super flat surface with a staggered look, ideally suited for wall cladding. This dual-sided versatility opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing designers to choose the side that best aligns with their creative vision.




1. Diverse Material Choices:

METART-WW26 can be crafted from various raw materials, each offering unique characteristics to suit specific project requirements.

Our default material is stainless steel, available in renowned grades such as 304, marine grade 316, and cost-effective grade 201. We empower our customers to select the ideal stainless steel grade based on their distinct usage scenarios.

For those who prefer aluminum alloy, our default grade is 5154, with the option to customize to the superior 6020, 6061, or 6063 grade for anodizing requirements.

For those with a penchant for luxury, we offer real copper, brass, and bronze options. These premium materials, while inherently expensive, can be tailored to meet the most discerning high-end decoration needs.


2. One-Way Flexibility for Creative Freedom:

The vertical composition of METART-WW26's 1.5mm wire provides a flexible structure, enabling it to be naturally shaped to accommodate exotic weaving designs. For enhanced screen strength in materials like aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, we recommend using 2mm wire vertically.


3. Moderate Opening Rate:

With a 46% opening area, this architectural wire mesh screen strikes the perfect balance between privacy, ventilation, and the infusion of natural light. It transforms interior spaces into inviting, well-lit havens while preserving essential privacy.


4. Lightweight and Easy Installation:

METART-WW26 is thoughtfully designed with a light square meter weight, simplifying cladding and installation processes. The material-specific weights are as follows:

WW26 Aluminum Cladding Mesh: Approximately 2.4KG/Square Meter
WW26 Stainless Steel Cladding Mesh: Approximately 6KG/Square Meter
WW26 Copper Alloy Cladding Mesh: Approximately 6.6KG/Square Meter



The wire mesh panels will be separated by proper packing materials, and the regular packing is a plywood case to suit the international packing standard for export. For bigger size of wire mesh panels, the plywood case will sit on a steel pallet to avoid damage during transportation.




At METART BUILDING TECH, we go beyond providing wire mesh; we offer comprehensive and highly customized fabrication solutions. Every project is unique, and our commitment to precision and craftsmanship ensures that your vision is realized to perfection. Our extensive range of services includes precision cutting to size, intricate laser cutting for bespoke designs, and the provision of custom-made installation accessories such as flat bars and precisely cut stainless steel plates. Additionally, our framing services, executed by skilled TIG welders, can bring your project to life based on your precise drawings and specifications.




METART-WW26 wire mesh isn't limited to just wall cladding; its adaptability makes it a stellar choice for a range of applications. As a partition screen, it excels in maintaining the delicate balance between privacy and openness. With an opening rate that allows for the gentle diffusion of natural light, it creates a sense of connection while defining spaces. This, combined with its excellent ventilation properties, makes it an ideal choice for stylish and functional partitions. Its weight, which is optimized for ease of installation, further enhances its suitability for this purpose. Furthermore, its dual-sided beauty ensures that both sides can serve as decorative faces, offering unmatched design flexibility.



METART-WW26 wire mesh's potential extends into cabinetry, transforming mundane storage into an exquisite design element. When used as cabinet doors or inserts, it introduces several benefits. First and foremost, it enhances ventilation, allowing kitchen wares and plates to breathe, and preventing odors and moisture buildup. This not only preserves the contents but also adds to the longevity of cabinetry. Additionally, the wire mesh brings a contemporary and modern touch to the kitchen, creating a visual contrast with the solid surfaces. It infuses a sense of openness into the space while keeping items easily accessible.



METART-WW26 wire mesh offers a unique and innovative application as a key component in laminated glass solutions.

By sandwiching the mesh between two layers of glass using specialized technology, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the glass but also elevate its safety and security features.

Laminated glass is a sophisticated architectural innovation that combines the exquisite beauty of METART-WW26 wire mesh with cutting-edge safety features. By encapsulating the wire mesh within the glass layers, we create a stunning visual effect that captures the essence of modern design. The mesh's intricate patterns and designs are available in a variety of finishes including antique copper and antique brass, as well as mill finish, common painted finish in any color, and PVD-plated finishes, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any space.


Beyond aesthetics, laminated glass with embedded wire mesh provides an added layer of security. It transforms ordinary glass partitions into robust security walls. In the event of an impact or attempted break-in, the wire mesh acts as a formidable barrier, preventing shattering and maintaining the structural integrity of the glass. This added level of security is invaluable for applications where safety and protection are paramount, such as commercial spaces, high-end residences, or public buildings.

Moreover, laminated glass featuring METART-WW26 wire mesh retains the wire mesh's inherent characteristics of providing excellent ventilation and diffusing natural light. It's a perfect choice for areas where transparency and an open atmosphere are desired without compromising on security.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to integrating laminated glass with METART-WW26 wire mesh into your design projects. Whether you're envisioning a secure and stylish glass partition in a variety of finishes or seeking to combine aesthetics and safety in a unique way, our team at METART BUILDING TECH is ready to turn your ideas into reality. Let us help you create spaces that seamlessly blend elegance, functionality, and security.




Discover the boundless potential of METART-WW26 wire mesh for your interior design and architectural cladding projects to new heights. Whether you're an architect seeking to make a bold statement, an interior designer striving for aesthetic excellence, or a builder with an eye for distinctive interiors, METART BUILDING TECH is your trusted partner in creating unique and captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Choose us and experience the fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and design versatility that sets us apart in the world of decorative wire mesh. We invite you to explore the myriad possibilities, and together, we'll transform your creative vision into reality.




Q1: What materials are available for METART-WW26 wire mesh?

A1: METART-WW26 wire mesh is a versatile woven wire, offering materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Each material comes with its unique characteristics, allowing you to enhance your design according to your project's requirements.


Q2: What is the most cost-effective stainless steel option for this wire mesh?

A2: The most cost-effective stainless steel option we offer is SS201. However, it's important to note that SS201 is primarily suited for interior decoration projects when extra finishes are applied to protect it from corrosion.


Q3: Is it possible to manufacture this architectural wire mesh using carbon steel, which is typically more cost-effective?

A3: Certainly, we have the capability to produce this architectural wire mesh using carbon steel wires. However, we strongly advise against it for interior decoration projects. Even with paint applied, carbon steel is not an ideal choice for decorative purposes, unless your requirements are short-term or temporary in nature. For enduring and aesthetically pleasing interior decorations, we highly recommend considering other materials from our range.


Q4: Can METART BUILDING TECH tailor wire mesh patterns to my project's requirements?

A4: Absolutely. We specialize in customization, recognizing the importance of aligning wire mesh with your unique vision. Whether it's adapting existing patterns, adjusting dimensions, or exploring various finishes, we are dedicated to making your project stand out.


Q5: Is METART-WW26 mesh suitable for outdoor applications?

A5: Although primarily designed for indoor use, METART-WW26 wire mesh can be adapted for select outdoor applications with the right finishes and treatments. Its suitability depends on factors like climate and exposure, making it essential to discuss your outdoor project needs with our experts.


Q6: What is the typical lead time for custom orders?

A6: The lead time for custom orders varies based on project complexity and material choices. Connect with us, provide your project details, and we'll offer an accurate estimate. Our goal is to deliver quality craftsmanship within your project timeline.


Q7: May I request a small sample of this pattern for presentation to our valued customers?

A7: Certainly, we are pleased to provide small samples free of charge. The only cost involved would be for postage, which we kindly request you to cover.


Q8: If I require a relatively small quantity, say below 10 square meters, is it possible for you to manufacture and supply it?

A8: Absolutely, there's no need to worry. We are more than capable of accommodating your request.