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METART-WWD11-Decorative Stainless Steel Cable Mesh


Material: Stainless steel 304 or Stainless Steel 316

Rod Diameter / Rod Pitch: 1.5mm/3.5mm

Cable Diameter / Cable Pitch: 2.0mm17.5mm

Max Screen Size: 6M width x 50M roll.

Finishes: Mill Finish, (Antique) Brass-Plated, (Antique) Copper-Plated,

Optional Finishes: PVD Titanium Plated, PVDF Painted.



The METART-WWD11 decorative cable wire mesh pattern is a distinctive addition to the WWD cable architectural mesh series.

Unlike other patterns in the series, this variant features 1.5mm pre-crimped and partially flattened stainless steel wires in the weft direction, paired with super flexible and durable 2mm stainless steel wire cables in the vertical direction.

This weaving style creates a flat-top pattern with slot holes, with all the crimped humps located on one side (side B) of the wire screen, while the stainless steel cables are hidden in the dimples of the weft wires, resulting in a smooth side A. This unique pattern offers a dual visual appeal that is suitable for both the front and back sides of the screen. The flat-top weaving pattern with slot holes creates a sleek and modern look, while the crimped humps on side B offer a textured and dynamic visual effect.

This pattern is a perfect choice for commercial decorations, both interiors, and exteriors, including shop front decorative solar control screens, car park tensioned facade screens, office building decorative partition screens, stainless steel balustrade and railing infill cable mesh, and more.

Compared to other similar decorative mesh patterns, such as METART-WW26, the METART-WWD11 pattern stands out for its vertical flexibility and durability, as well as its ability to be formed into different shapes according to design requirements. This makes it an ideal solution for architects, designers, and builders who are looking for a versatile and visually stunning design option.

METART-WWD12 decorative woven cable wire pattern also boasts excellent material and finish options to cater to the different needs and requirements of our customers.

The 304 Grade stainless steel option is the most commonly used for interior projects, while the marine grade 316 Grade option is the best choice for outdoor applications due to its superior performance in harsh environments.

The 201 Grade is the cheapest option for interior decoration but is not recommended, except when clients insist on buying it to meet their budget. However, it is not suitable for coastal cities due to its lower corrosion resistance. Please choose carefully before making a purchase.

Furthermore, the mill finish version of this creative stainless wire fabric is widely used, but there are more options available for interior designs, including PVD gold plated finish, PVD gun black plated finish, red copper plated finish, brass plated finish, as well as antique copper and brass plated finishes. These finish options provide an opportunity to customize the WWD12 cable screen pattern to fit the specific design and aesthetic preferences of clients.

Overall, the METART-WWD12 decorative cable wire mesh pattern is a unique and versatile solution that offers both a sleek and modern look and a dynamic visual effect. Its combination of flexible and durable stainless steel wires and cables makes it suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior design applications, making it a popular choice for architects, designers, and builders alike.

Please refer to the following specification table of the WWD11 architectural stainless cable screen.

Raw Material

Stainless steel 304,316, 201, and other alloys

Wire Mesh Type

Single Way Flexible Architectural Cable Mesh

Width of the Screen

Within 6000MM ( 19.69 feet)

Length of the Screen

Within 50 Meters ( 164 feet)

Wire Rod Diameter


Wire Rod Centers


Cable Diameter and strands


Cable Centers


Overall Thickness of the Screen


Opening Rate


Privacy Rate


Approx Square Meter Weight



Mill Finish ( Natural Stainless Steel Finish)
Gold PVD Plated, Black PVD Plated
Copper Plated, Brass Plated
Antique Copper Plated, Antique Brass Plated