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Hook Vibrating Deck Screens-Quarry Screen


Material: 65Mn steel wires or Stainless steel wires

Type: Industrial Woven Wire Screen

Weave Pattern: Double Crimped, Intercrimp, Lock Crimp, Flat top crimp

Mesh Count: Custom sizes

Wire Diameter: Custom sizes

Width: Custom sizes.

Length: Custom sizes



Wire Mesh Screen for classifying, straining, and sieving, is installed on a vibrating screen deck and secured by clamping rails that apply tension across the screening surface. The tension is given through edge treatments on the woven wire mesh screen panel commonly referred to as "hook strips".
Vibrating Deck Screens are available with any style of edge preparation or hook strip, ready for field installation upon delivery.
Hooked screens are vital to the sizing and grading required by many minerals, sand, and agricultural processes.
Proper screen tension is crucial for effective screening and longer screen life. Our edge preparations fit the deck properly for easy screen installation and tensioning.

Optional finish: Mill finish, PVC coated, Anti-rust oil spraying.


Features of different edge types of hooked screens.


Plain Hooked Edge

Not reinforced, the edges are bent into a hook shape. these Edges have to be annealed before forming in order to eliminate the cracking and breakage of the wire surface.

Technical data R≥6, a=60°, H≥30mm, wire diameter common above 6mm to choose this edge.


Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

This edge type is for woven wire screens up to 6.0mm wire diameter. Standard shrouding is 16 gauge.

Other thickness is available upon customers' requirement.

Technical data: a=45°or 60°. Plate thickness can be customized.


End Tension Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

This edging pattern is specially reinforced to prevent pull-out under extreme screen tensioning. it is also available in "double reinforced type". Please refer to the following sketch at the bottom of this page.

Plate thickness can be customized based on customers' requirements.


Inside Reinforced Formed Edge


This hook edge type is utilized for screen mesh wire diameters of 4mm or less than 6mm.  

Technical data:  a=60°, H=25mm,L=25mm.

Welded Bent Plate Edge

This edge type is designed for those wire diameters equal to or greater than 8mm. 


Weaving Patterns of the Screen Mesh


Sketch of the hook edges:


-Heavy Screening & Sieving
-Stone Quarry Works
-Cement Plants