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Decorative Railing Wire Mesh


Pattern Number: METART-WW48B

Material: SS304, SS316

Type: Rigid Facade Wire Mesh

Opening Rate: 82%

Weight: Approx 5.4KG/Square meter

Sheet Width: Within 3000MM

Sheet Length: Within 4000MM



The decorative railing wire mesh pattern METART-WW48B is also an exceptional variant of our decor crimped wire mesh collection. Engineered with both cost-effectiveness and structural integrity in mind, this architectural woven mesh showcases a distinctive configuration that sets it apart from its counterpart, METART-WW48A.


►Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness Compared With WW48A

While maintaining the same weft wire configuration as METART-WW48A, METART-WW48B differentiates itself by featuring a reduced density of vertical warp wires. This thoughtful design alteration not only enhances cost-effectiveness but also ensures the mesh retains its robustness and tough structure.

Compared to METART-WW48A, METART-WW48B offers a lighter-weight solution without compromising on durability. By reducing the number of warp wires, the mesh achieves a more economical profile while maintaining its structural integrity. The diameter of the warp wires in METART-WW48B has been upgraded from a nominal 3.5mm to 4mm (actual measurement approximately 3.95mm), ensuring optimal rigidity and toughness.

Please refer to the following specification table.


SS304, SS316


Rigid Facade Wire Mesh

Warp Wire Diameter (Vertical Wires)

4mm (Actual 3.95mm)

Weft Wire Diameter (Horizontal Wires)

3.5mm (Actual 3.45mm)

Slot Hole Size:


Square Hole Size:


The total thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Block out


Privacy Rate



5.4kg/Square Meter


Mill Finish

The way of cutting

Straight Cut

All optional ways of cut

Straight Cut Only

All optional Finish

Mill Finish, Antique Bronze Plated Finish, Antique Brass Plated Finish, Antique Copper Plated Finish, PVD Titanium Plated Finish.

Customized specifications and Mini orders accepted.


The measurements, such as wire thickness, diameter, opening, and overall thickness, are nominal values.

The fabrication process may introduce slight tolerances to the actual specifications.


►Simple but Captivating Design:

METART-WW48B features a captivating repeated pattern composed of four slot holes and one large square hole, creating a visually striking aesthetic. It is designed to enhance a wide range of architectural applications, including balustrading infill mesh panels and architectural fencing infills for building facades. This versatile wire mesh adds both aesthetic appeal and functional performance to your projects.

When comparing METART-WW48A and METART-WW48B, you will find that both variants offer exceptional qualities. METART-WW48A, with its impressive opening rate of up to 77.5%, provides excellent visibility and airflow while maintaining strength and rigidity. On the other hand, METART-WW48B's reduced density of warp wires, upgraded wire diameter as well as elevated opening area to 81%,  deliver enhanced cost-effectiveness without compromising structural integrity. The choice between the two variants ultimately depends on the specific requirements and priorities of your project.


►Stunning Decorative Finishes

Experience a world of possibilities with METART-WW48B decorative wire mesh, where style and versatility know no bounds. While our mill finish stainless steel options are impressive, we go the extra mile to elevate your decor with an extensive range of vibrant color choices. Imagine your wire mesh transformed into a stunning masterpiece through our electro-plating process, which offers an array of stylish and high-quality copper alloy finishes. And for those seeking the utmost sophistication, our exceptional PVD Titanium plated finish takes your wire mesh to new heights.

But what exactly is PVD plating? It's a cutting-edge technique that involves depositing thin layers of titanium onto the wire mesh surface. This not only adds an exquisite aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the weather resistance of the woven wires. Our diverse range of finishes not only enhances the beauty of your spaces but also ensures that your decorative wire mesh stands strong against the elements.

Customize your decor with confidence, step into a world where your imagination takes center stage, and ordinary archi wire mesh is transformed into extraordinary decorative elements that leave a lasting impression. Discover the limitless potential of METART-WW48B decorative wire mesh, where beauty and functionality unite in perfect harmony. Elevate your projects with our exceptional designer woven wire mesh collection and unlock a new realm of creativity.