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Decorative Facade Wire Mesh


Pattern Number: METART-WW48A

Material: SS304, SS316,SS201

Type: Rigid Facade Wire Mesh

Opening Rate: 77.5%

Weight: Approx 5.89KG/Square Meter

Sheet Width: Within 3000MM

Sheet Length: Within 4000MM



METART-WW48A is an exceptional heavy-duty decorative crimped wire mesh designed to elevate architectural projects. This pattern, known combines strength, rigidity, and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for applications that prioritize security.

This decorative pre-crimped wire mesh is made of 3.45mm diameter wires, ensuring exceptional durability and structural integrity. The nominal 3.5mm wire, coupled with an overall thickness of 6.5mm, guarantees robustness and resilience, meeting the demands of security-focused applications.

►Innovative Pattern:

Our METART-WW48A decor wire mesh showcases an eye-catching pattern group that adds a visually captivating element to architectural designs. The pattern features nine small square holes, each measuring 17x17mm, along with six slot holes and one large square hole measuring 51x51mm. This arrangement enhances the wire mesh's decorative appeal, creating a striking visual impact.


Optimal Openness:

METART-WW48A exhibits a remarkable opening rate of up to 77.5%, showcasing its exceptional versatility beyond its decorative appeal. This substantial openness not only enhances visibility but also facilitates superior airflow within architectural spaces. Despite its high openness, the wire mesh retains its inherent strength and rigidity, ensuring uncompromised functionality and security.

The strategic design of METART-WW48A enables increased airflow while minimizing the potential for wind obstruction. By enabling efficient air circulation, this wire mesh effectively mitigates wind resistance, offering an optimal solution for applications where both airflow and structural integrity are paramount. The combination of enhanced ventilation and robust construction positions METART-WW48A as the ideal choice for projects seeking a harmonious balance between aesthetics, functionality, and security.

Please refer to the following specification table.


SS201, SS304, SS316


Rigid Facade Wire Mesh

Wire Diameter

3.5mm (Actual 3.45mm)

Small Hole Size


Slot Hole Size

17mm x 51mm

Big Square Hole Size


The total thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Block out


Privacy Rate



5.89kg/Square Meter


Mill Finish

The way of cutting

Straight Cut

All optional ways of cut

Straight Cut Only

All optional Finish

Mill Finish, Antique Bronze Plated Finish, Antique Brass Plated Finish, Antique Copper Plated Finish, PVD Titanium Plated Finish.

Customized specifications and Mini orders accepted.


The measurements, such as wire thickness, diameter, opening, and overall thickness, are nominal values.

The fabrication process may introduce slight tolerances to the actual specifications.


►Versatile Applications:

Our decorative stainless steel crimped wire mesh finds suitability in a wide range of architectural applications. It excels as railing infill wire mesh, architectural fencing wire mesh panels, and featured shopfront facade wire mesh, allowing for seamless integration into diverse design concepts.

►Cost-Effective Solution:

METART-WW48A offers a square meter weight of approximately 5.89 kg, making it a cost-effective choice for decorative wire materials. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it equally suitable for both interior and exterior applications, providing excellent value for your investment.

But there is a relatively cheaper variant pattern METART-WW48B, you can also click it to compare both of the options.


►Stylish Finishes.

In addition to the stunning mill finish stainless steel options, we also offer an array of captivating colors to elevate the aesthetics of your decorative wire mesh. Once the wire mesh is meticulously woven and cut to size, we provide the option to enhance its visual appeal through electro-plating with copper and copper alloys. Furthermore, we offer an exquisite PVD Titanium plated finish.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) plating is a cutting-edge technique that involves depositing thin layers of titanium onto the wire mesh surface. This process not only adds an exceptional decorative touch but also significantly enhances the weather resistance of the woven wires. The resulting combination of style and durability ensures that your decorative wire mesh stands the test of time in various environmental conditions.

With our range of finishes, including electro-plated copper and copper alloys, as well as the exquisite PVD Titanium plated finish, you can truly customize your decorative wire mesh to suit your unique design vision. Elevate the ambiance and longevity of your spaces with our exceptional color options, transforming ordinary wire mesh into extraordinary decorative elements.


►Material Recommendations:
By default, METART-WW48A facade screen mesh is mainly made of 304-grade stainless steel, which is recommended for interior applications.

However, when considering outdoor building facades or fencing wire mesh panels, we strongly advise opting for our marine-grade 316 stainless steel. This superior-grade material ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in challenging environments.

Discover the exceptional capabilities of METART-WW48A woven wire mesh, your ultimate solution for heavy-duty decorative crimped wire mesh. Elevate your architectural projects with unparalleled strength, captivating design, and versatility. Explore our range of options and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.