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Decorative Metal Wire Fabric Glass Inserts


Material: SS wire, Copper, Brass, Silver coated, Multi-material mixed Wire.

Type: Can be rigid mesh and flexible wire mesh

Patterns: Please refer to the pattern list and architectural woven wire series.

Weight: Depends on different infill material

Finish: SS natural bright, silver, golden, brass, copper, mixed color.

Screen Width: Customized.

Screen Length: Customized.



Material: stainless steel Wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, copper wire, silver-coated wires, copper, brass, and aluminum alloy wires.
Color: Stainless steel natural bright color, silver, golden, brass, copper, mixed color.
Patterns: Please refer to the following pattern list and architectural woven wire series.
Size: Customized.

Laminated glass is normally made of 2 or more layers of glass sheets with an interlayer of metal fabric, metal wire cloth, or other kings of textile fabric via EVA, PVB, or SGP interlayer lamination technology. According to its physical property, it is also called sandwich glass, decorative laminated glass, architectural laminated glass, or wire mesh laminated glass. 

Laminated glass usually adopts float glass or processed glass in many colors. And the interlayers can be different materials and a variety of colors to meet different decoration requirements.

METART supplies the interlayer wire mesh for laminated glass manufacturers. Actually, a big range of wire mesh products can be used laminated glass infill mesh, including stainless steel crimped wire mesh, fine wire cloth, copper woven wires, brass wire mesh, welded wires, hexagonal wire mesh, pre-crimped woven wires, woven wire, and rod drapery, etc. 

Almost full range of our architectural woven wires and thinner gauge of woven wire draperies can be used as laminated glass interlayer mesh, the following lists are some very decorative and complicated patterns of metal wire mesh cloth.

Safety: The infill wire mesh will increase the safety of the whole product, if the glass is broken, the interlayer metal mesh and the glue can keep glass fragments from falling apart.
High strength: the strength of some specially designed infill metal mesh can stop the intruders from breaking through.
Attractive: Architectural woven mesh offers the glass a large range of different decorative designs, increasing the features and properties of the product.
Sound insulation: Glass can block sound waves, keeping quiet and comfortable surroundings.

METART Laminated Glass Wire Mesh Pattern List

Note: complicated wire cloth only, other patterns can refer to our woven wire pattern list and customized cable mesh drapery.