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Bushfire Ember Stainless Mesh Roll


Material: Marine Grade 316 wires or ss304 wires

Type: Bushfire ember protective mesh

Mesh Count: 9mesh, 10mesh, 11mesh, 12mesh, 14mesh,18x16Mesh

Wire Diameter:1.0mm, 0.9mm, 0.8mm, 0.7mm, 0.55mm, 0.5mm, 0.19mm

Width: Within 1500mm, special size can be customized.

Length: 30M Roll (custom sizes within 30M is acceptable)

Finish:Mesh9 to12, Mill finish only. Mesh14&18x16 can be either black powder coated or mill finish.



These are bushfire ember wire mesh rolls made of either stainless steel 304 grade or marine grade ss 316 wires.

Unlike the wire mesh panels, these items are supplied in rolls of a regular length of 30M.

As most of the ember mesh rolls are heavy-duty barrier mesh and security mesh, some of them cannot be powder coated in rolls, including 9Mesh,10Mesh,11Mesh, and 12Mesh.

The 14Mesh and 18x16 bushfire woven wire rolls are relatively light-weighted. So, these 2 options can be supplied either in black powder-coated rolls or mill finish based on your requirement.

Please refer to the following tables for regular specifications.

Item# Type Material Mesh Count Wire Dia. Aperture Opening Area Finish
BF09100R Roll SS316 / SS304 9x9 1.0mm 1.82mm 41.70% Mill Finish Only
BF09090R Roll SS316 / SS304 9x9 0.9mm 1.92mm 46.40% Mill Finish Only
BF10090R Roll SS316 / SS304 10x10 0.9mm 1.64mm 41.70% Mill Finish Only
BF11080R Roll SS316 / SS304 11x11 0.8mm 1.51mm 42.70% Mill Finish Only
BF12070R Roll SS316 / SS304 12x12 0.7mm 1.42mm 44.90% Mill Finish Only
BF14055R Roll SS316 / SS304 14x14 0.55mm 1.26mm 48.50% Mill Finish or Black Powder Coated
BF14050R Roll SS316 / SS304 14x14 0.5mm 1.31mm 52.40% Mill Finish or Black Powder Coated
BF1816019R Roll SS316 / SS304 18x16 0.19mm 1.22x1.4mm 76.00% Mill Finish or Black Powder Coated


Introduction of BAL grades.

BAL – Low (the risk of bushfire ember attack is considered to be very low)

BAL – 12.5 (increasing level of ember attack with a heat flux up to 12.5kW/m²) 
BAL – 19 (increasing level of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux up to 19 kW/m²) 
BAL – 29 (increasing level of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux up to 29 kW/m²) 
BAL – 40 (increasing level of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux up to 40 kW/m² and increased likelihood of exposure to flames) 
BAL – FZ (direct exposure to the flames from the fire front in addition to heat flux greater than 40 kW/m² and ember attach)