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Stainless Steel Security Wire Mesh


Material: Marine Grade 316 wires

Type: Half Rigid Security Screen Door Mesh

Mesh Count: Mesh11x11, Mesh10x10

Wire Diameter: 0.8MM, 0.9MM

Standard Width: 750mm, 820mm, 900mm. 1200mm

Standard Length: 2000mm, 2200mm. 2400mm

Finish: Interpon Powder Coated Black.



Stainless Steel Security Wire Mesh is a product that originated in Australia, showcasing the country's innovation in security screen technology. It has become a top choice for reinforcing screen doors and enhancing security.

This security mesh is designed with precision and engineered for excellence to meet the increasing demand for security in homes and businesses.

Its versatility and durability make it a reliable option, offering both security and peace of mind.


Option 1, #3160811

Marine grade stainless steel 316 security mesh, Wire Diameter 0.8mm, Mesh Count 11x11


Option 2,#3160910

Marine grade stainless steel 316 security mesh, wire Diameter 0.9mm, Mesh Count 10x10

As the most widely used security wire mesh in the Australian market, Its popularity is evident through its various branded names such as 'Invisi Guard', 'Screenguard', 'Amplimesh', and others, promoted by leading sellers across Australia. 

This exceptional security mesh is meticulously crafted from selectively chosen high-tensile stainless steel wires, with diameters 0.8mm or 0.9mm as options.

In our manufacturing facility, the stainless steel wires undergo a thorough sorting and tagging process, categorized according to their tensile strength and elongation rate. This stringent quality control ensures that we use wires with uniform tensile properties during the weaving process, resulting in consistent beaming tension.

Consistency in beaming tension plays a pivotal role in achieving uniform wire crimps, which is a key factor in delivering a visually appealing end product.

This meticulous approach to material selection and production guarantees the durability and reliability of our security mesh, making it the preferred choice for security-conscious consumers.

Our use of Marine Grade 316 stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional corrosion resistance and strength, exemplifies our commitment to the highest material standards. This choice ensures that those who prioritize top-tier security and longevity find their ideal solution in our product.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our global clientele, we also offer the option of 304-grade stainless steel as a cost-effective alternative.

While cost-efficient, this alternative maintains our commitment to quality, allowing us to accommodate varying budget requirements without compromising on security.

Furthermore, our dedication to customization knows no bounds. We extend the flexibility to tailor wire gauges and mesh counts, ensuring that our products align precisely with the specific demands of our valued customers. This adaptability underscores our commitment to providing security solutions that seamlessly fit your unique needs.


Standard Sheet Size:

750 x 2000MM / 750 x 2200MM / 750 x 2400MM

820 x 2000MM / 820 x 2200MM / 820 x 2400MM

900x 2000MM / 900 x 2200MM / 900x2400MM

1200x 2000MM / 1200 x 2200MM / 1200 x 2400MM

Custom sizes are accepted.


Knife Shear Test: PASS


Salt Spray Test: Pass ( 480Hours, Twice the required 240hours standard )



Bush Fire Grade: Meet with the highest BAL grade