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Architectural Wire Mesh METART-WW52 - A budget friendly decorative wire mesh for architecture and designs


Pattern Code: METART-WW52

Raw Material: SS304, SS316,SS201 etc.

Type of Mesh: Rigid Architectural Wire Mesh

Opening Rate: 61%

Weight: Approx 4 KG/ square meter

Finish: Antique Copper/Brass/Bronze plated finishes (other finishes available)

Sheet Sizes: Customizable, within 4x5M




METART BUILDING TECH - An Architectural Wire Mesh Expert From China.


METART has been a leader in manufacturing architectural wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for two decades. Our commitment lies in seamlessly integrating decorative elements and artistic designs into metal fabrication. The brand name "METART" embodies the fusion of "Metal" and "Art".

Our factory proudly offers an extensive selection of more than a hundred decorative wire mesh designs, each complemented by a few ranges of variants, supported by an extensive array of toolings.

Simultaneously, our factory welcomes bespoke wire mesh fabrication requests to cater to the diverse needs of global markets.


Introducing  "METART-WW52" - A Budget-Friendly Architectural Wire Mesh Pattern


With its straightforward and simplified design, the "METART-WW52" pattern emerges as an economical option for architectural wire mesh.

Unlike most conventional industrial wire mesh, this woven wire mesh is made from flat metal strips, each measuring 2.5mm wide and 1.2mm thick.

We maintain a regular stock of these 2.5x1.2mm wire strips as raw materials in our factory, ensuring fast production when orders are received from customers.


The warp consists of four strips grouped, and spaced at intervals of 42mm, ensuring repetition every 42mm.

Similarly, the weft comprises two metal strips of the same specifications, also repeating every 42mm.

The weaving process results in slot openings of 23x28mm and 9x24mm.


Thanks to its pre-made crimped structure and carefully calibrated wire density, this decorative wire mesh offers ample strength and rigidity, rendering it suitable for various architectural applications and designs.


Specification Overview.

Pattern Code


Optional Raw Materials

SS304, SS316, SS201 etc.


Rigid Architectural Mesh

Wire Strip


Opening Size





Overall thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Block out


Sqm Weight

Approx 4kg/Square Meter

optional ways of cutting

Straight Cut

All optional Finish

Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish),
Antique brass/bronze/copper plated,

PVD-plated gold / rose gold, black/grey etc.

Regular Painted

PVDF painted


Features of METART-WW52 Decorative Metal Mesh


► Simplicity

This decorative metal mesh is designed with great simplicity for commercial cladding and decoration, using as few metal wire ribbons as possible to create a precise but rigid wire mesh for architecture. By tweaking the wire density in one direction, this architectural design adds some diversification to the original symmetrical designs.


► Cost-Effective Without Compromising the Quality

As a decorative metal mesh, it is mainly made of stainless steel. We can't say "METART-WW32" is as cheap as an industrial steel mesh. But with its simple design philosophy, it is definitely one of our budget-friendly architectural metal mesh patterns. This woven wire mesh adopts 1.2mm thick wire ribbons in order to enhance the strength and rigidity.  The manufacturing also undergoes the same procedure as other decorative metal wire patterns. Pre-crimping, Weaving, Cut to Size, and then Color plating.


► Great Ventilation and Light Transmittance

This mesh has an opening rate of approximately 61%, offering exceptional airflow through its weaving openings. Meanwhile, it offers a perfect sightline in your commercial spaces without compromising the views. Its superior light transmittance ensures ample natural and artificial illumination while keeping a relatively balanced privacy.


► Light Weight

This wire mesh is only about 4kg per square meter, which is a quite lightweight decorative material. It is easy to carry and handle both for fabrication and installation.


Diverse Applications of METART-WW52 Wire Mesh


With a lightweight and super big opening rate, this woven wire mesh for architecture and design is not as versatile as other wire mesh options, but it can be still used for a lot of architectural applications.


► Commercial Partition Screens

METART-WW52 is a good infill wire mesh for commercial partition screens, especially for shopping centers, studios, conference rooms, and bars.

This is an affordable partition infill decorative metal mesh option among our architectural mesh selections. 
You can either buy wire mesh panels or ask us to fabricate it into a finished screen with frames.

METART offers custom services, including precision laser cutting to special shapes, fabrication of bespoke frames and welding services.

► Commercial Ceiling Infill Wire Mesh

Thanks to its lightweight property, it can be used as infill material for architectural ceilings. Welding it to an angle frame, it can be suspended and create different decorative elements for interiors rather than conventional expanded metal mesh infills.


► Bespoke Decorative Screen Door Infill Mesh

Architectural metal meshes are always used as infill panels of high-end bespoke insect screen doors.

It is rigid and strong enough to fabricate security screen doors to stop pets and intruders from breaking in.

Just like the aluminum diamond grille screen doors, a fine wire mesh or insect screen mesh can be used as a combination to protect your rooms from mosquitos, flys and bugs.
This decorative metal mesh is not always used as screen door infills, as the cost of a wire mesh panel is way more expensive than a conventional diamond grille panel. 

Most importantly, end users can easily buy a diamond grille screen door in building material supermarkets like HOME DEPOT or BUNNINGS.

Whereas, there is no dealer of this architectural metal mesh screen doors. This factor determines that this would only be a niche market for some luxury requirements. 


► Bespoke Cabinet Wire Grilles

With such big openings, METART-WW52 doesn't seem to be a commonly used decorative wire grille for cabinetry. 
But it doesn't mean it can not be used as cabinet door infills.
On one hand, customers who like it, always use another layer of thin wire mesh screen together with this decorative metal grilles, in which way, you don't have to worry about the big openings anymore.

The following picture is a cabinet decorative metal grille in an antique bronze finish with an extra PVD gold plated fine wire mesh.

Available Options for this fine cabinet wire mesh:

Stainless Steel 304 grade, Plain Weave Wire Mesh 18 Mesh x 0.35MM

Stainless Steel 304 grade, Plain Weave Wire Mesh 16 Mesh x 0.35MM


Please inquire us, our supply will be based on the availability of stock. Mill finish fine wire mesh or painted fine wire mesh can be supplied upon your request.

On the other hand, some customers need a good ventilation rate for their cabinets, they don't care about the big openings.

Furthermore, certain commercial clients, particularly those with bar cabinets, value the visibility of their wine bottles for decorative purposes.

In such cases, a high level of transparency becomes imperative for enhancing the vibe of bar interiors.




1st Step - Pattern Choosing


If you are looking for a proper decorative wire mesh for architecture and design, the very first thing is to choose a proper pattern on our website or from other decorative wire mesh suppliers.

For the majority of our architectural decorative wire patterns, please click the following picture to choose.

If you are looking for solid architectural mesh panels with fewer openings or no openings, for example, for elevator interiors. please click the following picture and jump to our wall cladding wire mesh selection.



2nd Step - Raw Material Choosing


Once the wire pattern is finalized, deciding what material you need is the second most important thing.

Those experienced architects, designers, distributors, and builders, always have specific requirements for the raw materials.

As a professional wire mesh manufacturer, we can meet most of our customers' needs, from the cheapest mild steel, galvanized steel to commonly used stainless steel.

Copper and Brass are favored by many designers and architects, because of their beautiful natural color, which is also the most expensive metal for architecture and design.

For those seeking luxury, we provide pure copper and copper alloys as well as various tailored super nickel alloys for harsh environments, readily customizable to suit market demands. 

Copper and brass have special charms due to their naturally beautiful colors.

Pure copper conveys a rich reddish-pink warmth, evoking elegance in high-end interiors. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, boasts a yellowish-golden hue reminiscent of gold, making it ideal for interior claddings with a relatively cheaper cost than copper.

However, it's important to note that one significant drawback of copper and brass is their susceptibility to oxidation.

Over time, when exposed to air, both materials gradually oxidize, forming a patina that can be challenging to maintain.

Nonetheless, stainless steel remains the most prevalent and sought-after material across both interior and exterior architecture and design projects. 

That is why the architects and designer turn to stainless steel, especially with the develpment of elctro plating technique.  Copper and brass alloy can be nicely plated to the stainless steel surface to create a stunning copper or brass-like finish, sometimes with an antique patina process to add special charms to the wire mesh.

In this case, stainless steel gradually become the most widely used and the most popular material for both interior and exterior architecture and designs.

If you don't choose what grade of stainless steel, please refer to the following table.

























16.0 – 18.0

10.0 – 14.0

2.0 -3.0








18.0 – 20.0

8.0 – 10.5








5.5 - 7.5

16.0 – 18.0

3.5 – 5.5





♦ SS 316 - One of most widely used marine-grade stainless steel,  containing 18% of Chrome, 10% of Nickel, and 2% of molybdenum. These three elements are the most expensive alloys to make stainless steel an expensive metal. And the meantime, they are the key elements to stop stainless steel from corrosion.

316 stainless steel wire mesh is always used for exterior cladding, including building facades and architectural fencing projections.

Also, it can be used to produce interior wire mesh for coastal cities, for higher requirements projects.

♦ SS 304 - The most commonly used stainless steel in our factory for interiors. It contains a lower Nickel content and no Molybdenum but still has good corrosion resistance for interior decoration.

♦ SS 201 - The cheapest option, not quite recommended until your budget is too limited. This option can only be used with extra finishes to enhance the weather resistance property. But, please remember, never use it for exterior decoration.


3rd Step - Finalizing the Sheet Sizes, Directions, and Quantity.


Sheet Sizes - For mill-finished architectural metal mesh, we make it up to 4000MM width, approx 13.12 feet.  Theoretically, there is no limit to the sheet length.  If the wire is not too thick, we can produce many wire mesh up to 30 meters long, which is about 100 feet. But customers have to consider the difficulty of transportation, including a lot of factors, such as truck sizes, and container sizes.

For architectural mesh with colors, we have to consider the size limit for different surface treatment facilities. Please feel free to consult us for a specific project.


Sheet Directions - This is an important factor before placing an order. but we don't have to care about it during the stage of quoting.

Take the wire mesh pattern METART-WW52 as an example, The warp wire and weft wires (vertical wires and horizontal wires ) feature a different configuration.  For these kinds of patterns, customers have to confirm which side is the width, and which one is the length of the sheet.


Quantity - It is necessary to provide the rough quantity before making an inquiry. This involves our raw material availability and purchase, producing cost estimate, packing fee estimate, freight estimate, etc.  If we know the exact quantity of your needs, we can provide an accurate quotation for your project.


4th Step - Finalizing the Color of The Decorative Mesh


Our factory can provide different finishes for these architectural meshes, including the original stainless steel mill finish, the most popular copper alloy electro-plating, PVD plating (Physical Vapor Deposition), PVDF painting, regular baking painting, and powder coating finishes.

Here is a comparison of the most widely chosen mill finish, antique brass plated finish, and antique bronze finish.

If you have a tight budget for your projects, you can always consider the baking paint finish, which also has a pretty good visual experience. The cost of baking paint is much cheaper than copper alloy plated and PVD finishes. You can choose a proper color based on the RAL color chart and let us know the color number.


5th Step - Feel Free to Get a Free Quotation from Us.


Email Address: hello@metartmesh.com  An experienced sales representative will reply within 20 hours.

WhatApp: +61 435598786

Calls from Australia Wide: 043 598 786

Calls from Other countries: +86 158 0318 7372  English-speaking service.


6th Step - Request A Free Architectural Wire Mesh Sample


Our factory is willing to provide offcut small small samples to our customers. But, these samples are most of the time available in mill finish.

Regular Size of Free Sample: 75mm x 100mm

Regular Color of Free Sample: Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish)

Regular Material of Free Sample: SS304 

If you need samples with other finishes or bigger size samples, please consult our sales dept to check the availability and cost. 

If you require multiple samples for marketing purposes, we suggest purchasing one of our Designer's Handbooks.

Each handbook contains 52 distinct architecture wire mesh samples with different finishes.
Most importantly, this designer wire mesh handbook doesn't contain any of our company information, which is marketing-friendly.

We are willing to provide OEM architectural mesh fabrication as well as ODM decorative wire mesh for architecture.


►Multiple Roles in Global Wire Mesh Industry.


• A Wire Mesh Manufacturer -

As a professional wire mesh factory in China, with 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have the ability and capacity to meet customers' wire mesh needs, including architectural and industrial needs. We are willing to supply OEM and ODM services for you to establish a long-term business relationship. Working with factories, you can optimize the supply chains and enjoy a competitive factory direct price.


• A Wire Mesh Innovator -

METART BUILDING TECH transforms a wide array of industrial woven wire mesh patterns into sophisticated architectural mesh wire for decorative applications. We produce a series of unique variants tailored to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the architectural building market.


• A Professional Architecture Wire Mesh Exporter -

METART BUILDING TECH is one of the leading exporters of architectural mesh, renowned for delivering regular and customizable wire mesh solutions to clients worldwide.

Our company has a professional English-speaking sales team. So you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of working with a non-English speaking factory. With a rich industrial fabrication knowledge and good language skills,  our sales team can learn about customers' needs precisely and have an efficient phone call or online meeting with you directly.

With a wide international distribution network and a commitment to excellence, our factory ensures timely and reliable delivery of its diverse range of architectural mesh products, catering to the unique needs of the global architectural and construction markets.

Our expertise in export logistics and dedication to customer satisfaction make us a trusted partner for architectural mesh solutions globally.


• A Sheet Metal Fabricator.

In addition to manufacturing architectural wire mesh products, METART also produces perforated metal sheets and expanded metal sheets.

Our production process for these sheet metal products involves advanced techniques such as laser cutting, folding, and welding.

These capabilities within our factory enable us to efficiently provide framed architectural wire mesh solutions, ensuring high quality and precision in every product we supply.


Customizable Design and Production Ability.


Our factory handles a lot of custom-made archi metal mesh projects.

Whether it is just a sketch or just an inspiration, our professional design and production team will help you to bring your brilliant ideas into reality.

From the negotiation of specifications and the choosing of raw materials to the tooling design and sampling, we are willing to help architects and designers work out a feasible pattern for new products.

Besides the customs patterns, our factory also provides cut-to-size services either by electric scissors or precision laser cut machine, as well as customized frame fabrication based on your requirements.


►Fast Delivery


With hundreds of architecture metal wire mesh toolings available in our factory, our production speed is significantly enhanced.

For most architecture metal mesh designs, there is no need to wait for customized tooling.

As soon as the raw materials are purchased, we can immediately proceed with the production process, including beaming, threading, weaving, and cutting to size. This also means you won't have to worry about expensive tooling fees for small projects.

For some of our popular architecture mesh designs, we regularly maintain stock in mill finish. For smaller projects, we can cut to size within two days, ensuring rapid delivery and exceptional convenience.