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Serrated Anti-slip Perforated Aluminum Plate


Material: Aluminium Grade 1060, Aluminium Alloy 3003, Marine Grade 5052

Type: Perforated Anti-slip Mesh Sheet

Width: With in 1500mm,

Lenght: Within 3000MM

Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm

Finish: Mill Finish



This is a perforated anti-slip plate made of pure aluminium or aluminum alloy. Its serrated design offers an excellent slip-resistant property.

Unlike those planks or stair treads, this is just a slip-resistant sheet metal without any foldings.

As aluminum is a light weighted building material, it is widely used both for building and architectural purposes.

This anti-slip perforated aluminium plate can be used as flooring for specific required areas, including a factory workshop, steel platforms, construction sites, school projects, etc.

After being perforated, this aluminum plate gets even lighter. It is easy to carry on a steel structure platform by workers.
And this material can be easily drilled through by a cordless drill. This feature makes it easy to screw-mounted or pop-riveted to your current structures both for temporary or permanent uses.

The punched-up serrated holes provide great traction and grips for people to walk through.

We got three different grades of aluminum material for your choice, the pure aluminum anti-slip plate 1060 grade,  aluminum-manganese alloy 3003-grade perf anti-skid perforated sheet, and marine grade 5052 aluminium alloy anti-skid perforated plates.

Among the above-mentioned three different anti-skid perforated metal sheets, the grade 5052 perforated plate is the most outstanding anti-skid perf plate choice. It is more suitable for commercial and industrial anti-skid flooring requirements.

As this alloy added a nominally 2.5 percent of magnesium and 0.25 percent of chromium, it is reinforced both in chemical and mechanical properties.

With great workability, weldability, and excellent corrosion-resistant feature, this 5052-grade perforated aluminum safety grating pate is recommended for industrial uses and coastal cities.

Regular Width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, any other width within 1500mm can be cut to size.

Regular Length: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2440mm and other customized dimensions.