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METART-WW01B-Hotel Wall Cladding Mesh


Material: Stainless Steel 304 or SS316 Wires + Real Brass Wires

Type: Rigid Designer Mesh

Opening Area:40%

Weight: Approx 7.5kg/ Square Meter

Finish: Mill Finish

Screen Width: Customized. (Within 3000MM, 10 feet)

Screen Length: Customized. (Within 4000MM, 13 feet)




Introducing the Amazing Hotel Cladding Hybrid Woven Designer Wire Mesh


METART-WW01B wire mesh is a hybrid woven designer wire mesh, adopting real brass wire vertically as warp, and flat stainless steel wire strips horizontally as weft. This unique combination creates a luxurious appearance that is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings and decorations.

This pattern is mainly used for interior decoration such as partition screens, wall cladding screens, wine bar decorative mesh screens, bottle shop decorative wire mesh, stainless steel cabinet door inserts, and wine cabinet door decorative metal grilles.


Wire Configurations


In addition to the brass wire option, the METART-WW01B designer wire mesh is also offered in various configurations, including the following combinations


Stainless steel wire strips + real red copper wires

►Stainless steel wire strips + phosphor bronze wires

►Stainless steel wire strips + regular round crimped stainless steel wires


The orientation of the wire strips and round wires can be customized to meet the specific preferences of our customers, please refer to the following two different directions.




This decorative cladding mesh fabric has an overall thickness of around 3.2mm and features a shiny flat stainless wire ribbon of 3x1.2mm and a round brass wire diameter of 2.0mm.

The slot aperture is measured around 3x6mm, with an opening rate of 40% which means you will get 60% privacy after this ornamental metal mesh is well installed.

An overview of the specifications.

Raw Material

SS 304 or SS316 Wire Strips + Real Brass or Real Copper Wires

Type of Mesh

Rigid Wire Mesh

Flat SS Wire Strips Size (width x thickness)


Round Brass Wire Diameter


Clear Hole Size


Overall Thickness of the fabric


Opening Area


Privacy Rate



Approx 7.3kg/Square Meter


Mill Finish original metal finish)

Customized specifications and Mini order accepted.

All the measurements, including wire thickness, diameter, opening size, and overall thickness, are considered nominal values. It's important to note that the actual specifications may have slight tolerances due to the fabrication process.




This hybrid woven wire fabric weighs approximately 7.5kg per square meter. It is always supplied with a mill finish that showcases a mixed beauty of an original stainless steel and brass finish. 

Unlike other regular stainless steel architectural wire mesh patterns, this designer mesh pattern won't have many colorful surface treatment options.

After it is produced, it is recommended to have a passivating treatment and then extra ultrasound cleaning, drying off and finally sealed with a special protective primer layer to keep the brass wires from oxidation.


A flexible tweak of the specifications


METART BUILDING TECH accepts custom specifications, including wire gauge, aperture size, and wire configurations to suit your project needs. 


FAQs(frequently asked questions):


1. Can the METART-WW01B decorative wire mesh be used outdoors?

    No, it is not recommended, this pattern is generally designed for interior decoration. Brass will easily lose its glossiness and get oxidated in the

    exterior environment. 


2.  How is the wire mesh installed?

     The wire mesh can be installed using a variety of methods, including angle frames, extrusion frames, timber frames, and tension systems with the help of hanging hardware. The installation method will depend on the specific application and desired aesthetic.


3. Is the wire mesh easy to clean and maintain?

    Yes, just simply wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild soap solution as needed to keep it looking its best.


4. What sizes of sheets are available for custom specifications?

    There is no limitation, a size of 3m wide x 15m long can be produced but will have difficulty for international transportation.

    So, 1.5x3M and any other sizes within this dimension are recommended for easier packing and transportation.


5. How long does it take to receive a custom order?

    The time will depend on the volume of orders currently being processed and the quantity of your requirement.

    Our professional team will provide you with a quick estimated delivery timeline as soon as you make an inquiry.


6. If I just need one piece of this screen, can I make a purchase?

    Yes, you can.

   Just let us know the size, country name, city name, and postcode, and we can offer you a free quote including postage to your home.