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METART-WW37-2 Architectural Metal Mesh Cladding - Perfect decorative metal cladding for elevator interiors


Pattern Code: METART-WW37-2

Type: Rigid Architectural Metal Mesh

Optional Materials: SS304,SS316 or SS201

Opening rate: 0%

Square Meter Weight: Approx 17kg per square meter.

Sheet Size: Within 2000x4000MM ( for mill finish )




What Is Metal Mesh Cladding?


Metal Mesh Claddings refer to an extra layer of metal mesh that covers the existing wall or building, providing insulation and a decorative feature to the buildings and spaces.

The metal mesh claddings always require decorative architectural metal mesh for commercial buildings where unique designs and ornamental features are desired.


How Is Architectural Cladding Metal Mesh METART-WW37-2 Manufactured?


METART-WW37-2 cladding metal mesh is made of 3 different metal wires and strips. See the following breakdowns of the raw material and structure.



10mm wide x 1mm thick flat metal strips, with smooth surfaces.

As the biggest wire in this cladding architectural metal mesh, it is pre-crimped to an overall thickness of 4.7MM.

The corrugated structure of these decorative metal strips enhances the rigidity and strength in a great way, providing the maximum support vertically for this metal mesh cladding panel.

Just like most of the architectural metal mesh panels, this design also is mainly made of stainless steel which is decorative and suitable for architectural application. The sample we are demonstrating here is made of SS304 with a grey PVD-plated finish, which is the most commonly used architectural cladding material for interiors.



5mm wide x 1mm thick metal strips, with pre-made decorative grooves.

This decorative designer metal strip also needs to be pre-crimped to an overall thickness of 4.9mm.

The crimps in this architectural metal wire ribbon need to be placed in the opposite direction to the adjacent 10 mm metal strips, tightly locking the wire rods after being intricately woven.



3mm diameter straightened stainless steel wire rods.

3 mm wire is thick enough for architectural metal mesh claddings that require significant rigidity and security.

This wire was originally coiled and then underwent a precise roller-straightening process to make it straight.

It is the core of the entire decorative cladding screen panel, as it connects the 10 mm and 5 mm wire ribbons, making this designer metal screen robust and secure.

Specification Overview.

Optional Materials

SS304, SS316, SS201, Copper, Brass, Bronze


Rigid Architectural Wire Mesh

Smooth Metal Strips


Grooved Metal Strips


Wire Rod Diameter




Rod Pitch


The overall thickness of the metal screen


Opening Area


Privacy Rate



17kg/Square Meter

Optional ways of cut

Straight Cut Only

Optional Finishes

Mill Finish ( Original stainless steel finish,
Antique Bronze plating,

Antique Copper plating,

Antique brass plating,

PVD titanium plated.


Features of this Popular Architectural Designer Metal Mesh for Elevator Cabin Interior Cladding.


- Fireproof cladding material:

100% non-combustible, safe interior cladding mesh.


- Corrosion-resistant:

This cladding architectural metal mesh is mainly made of stainless steel grade 304, a popular corrosion-resistant material for interior claddings. Please consider marine-grade stainless steel 316 for much higher exterior performance for exterior cladding and coastal projects.


- Trending Material for Commercial Claddings:

Architectural mesh is a trending material for commercial claddings including elevator cabin interior cladding and elevator lobby Cladding. It is widely used for hotel elevator cabin cladding and many other commercial spaces including studios, conference centers, exhibition centers, and shopping malls.


- 100% Privacy Rate

With no openings, this architectural mesh provides a 100% privacy rate. Additionally, this is a super rigid decorative metal mesh, making it suitable for partition wall infill panels where extremely high privacy is required.


Custom Architectural Mesh Fabrication Including Framing and Surface Treatments


METART provides custom architectural mesh based on customers' requirements, including small tweaks to the specifications. For example, we can change the width of the two different metal strips or replace a grooved metal strip with a smooth one.

We can also incorporate copper or brass raw materials into the metal screen for specific decorative purposes.

As an architectural mesh factory, we offer precision laser cutting services for exotic shapes, framing services based on the client's drawings, and color plating services together with the frames


Request For an Architectural Metal Mesh Sample


The small sample is free of charge, and only available for mill finish. If you need a color plated sample, please inquire our sales team for the availability.

You can also consider buying a few of our Designer Handbook, which contains 52 different real samples, please refer to following one page of our designer handbook.


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