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Decorative Woven Wire Mesh


Pattern Number: METART-WW31

Material: SS304, SS316, SS201

Type: Rigid Decor Mesh

Opening rate: 30%

Square Meter Weight: Approx 9.4KG

Finish: Antique Brass Plated Finish.

Max Screen Size: 2000x4000MM



METART-WW31 is an innovative variant of our esteemed wall cladding decorative mesh pattern "METART-WW32".

It is a thoughtfully designed architectural woven wire mesh pattern that combines functionality, versatility, and visual appeal. This decor mesh pattern features horizontally decorative crimped wires and vertically regular stainless steel wires, offering a unique combination of ventilation, visibility, and privacy.


►Key Features

METART-WW31 decor mesh stands out with its distinct wire density, setting it apart from METART-WW32. With a lower wire density, METART-WW31 woven wire provides approximately 30% ventilation and allows for a partial view through the mesh. In contrast, METART-WW32 boasts a higher wire density, ensuring complete privacy with no visible apertures.



METART-WW31 utilizes 1.85mm wires in both the warp and weft directions. The warp wires consist of slightly crimped regular wire rods, while the weft wires are pre-formed using specialized tools, resulting in decorative flattened ornamental surfaces on both sides of the screen. They are woven up in a staggered way to make sure the architectural wires can be properly placed in position without any conflict.


Our woven wire mesh pattern METART-WW31 strikes a balance between simplicity and moderate privacy, making it an ideal solution for various spaces. With a privacy rate of 30%, it provides an optimal level of privacy without compromising the views of individuals within the area. Moreover, its robust and rigid composition enables its application in security-required locations.


►Versatile Applications

With its 3mm thickness and smooth surface, METART-WW31 metal mesh finds extensive application in architectural projects. It is suitable for use as balustrade architectural metal infill panels, partition screen infill, and wall cladding material. The sample color prominently showcased is the popular antique brass plated finish. Additionally, we offer a comparison between this antique brass finish and the stainless steel mill finish. For commercial purposes, we provide a range of other finishes, including copper-plated finish and PVD titanium-plated finish. For residential needs, such as cabinet door wire mesh inserts, customers can opt for a more cost-effective painted finish or order mill finish products and paint them in person as desired.


METART-WW31 represents a breakthrough in architectural woven wire mesh patterns, offering a versatile and elegant solution for a variety of applications. Its unique wire density allows for ventilation and partial visibility while maintaining an optimal level of privacy. Explore the possibilities with METART-WW31 and experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Metart Building Tech Co., Ltd is renowned for.