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Wire Mesh Partition Screen


Material: SS304, SS316, SS201, Copper, Brass

Type: Stainless Steel Partition Screen

Opening Area: 59%

Finish: Mill Finish, Antique Brass / Copper Plated, PVD Titanium Plated and more

Screen Thickness: 25mm, 30mm or other custom size.

Screen Width: Within 2000MM

Screen Height: Within 3000MM



Experience the Beauty and Versatility of the METART-WW12 Stainless Steel Decorative Woven Wire Mesh Partition Screen


Made of quality stainless steel, the METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh partition Screen is a masterpiece of architectural design, with a crimped stainless steel wire mesh pattern that features a simple but stylish flat top with milled diamonds. 


►Classic Design

The METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh is a typical pre-crimped stainless steel woven wire mesh with a diamond-shaped flat surface, created using special toolings to achieve a classic and ornamental feature. This wire mesh pattern may appear simple, but its simplicity is favored by architects and designers for both interior and exterior projects. With a moderate 9mm square hole and a 59% opening rate, this mesh provides sufficient ventilation while maintaining 41% privacy.

►Strong and Secure

The nominal wire gauge of the METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh is 2.8mm, and the actual measurement is 2.75mm, making it a robust and sturdy material for security fencing requirements. With an approximate weight of 8kg per square meter, this architectural woven wire mesh is suitable for most security fencing and balustrading applications.

Please refer to the following specification table for the infill wire mesh.


SS304, SS316, SS201, authentic copper, authentic brass.

Diameter of Wire


Aperture Size


Wire Mesh Thickness


Opening Rate


Privacy Rate


Weight ( woven wire mesh only )

8kg/Square Meter

Optional ways of cut

Straight Cut, Diagonally Cut


All the measurements including wire thickness, diameter, opening, and overall thickness are nominal numbers. The actual specification might have a tiny bit of tolerance.


►Versatile Material Options and Affordable Prices

The METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh is available in three different material options:

SS304, the most popular option; The material grade is widely used for most interior decoration projects.

SS201, the most cost-effective option; is only recommended with extra surface treatments.

SS316, the best option for outdoor projects, with excellent outdoor weather resistance performance, marine grade option.

Other Luxury materials include authentic reddish copper and yellow brass.

With a variety of material options and an affordable price point, this framed wire mesh screen is versatile and suitable for various projects.


►Bespoke Stainless Steel Screen Frame Options

Customers can choose between regular stainless steel frames either with reinforced grooves or with a flat surface.

The regular sizes of the frame include 20x25mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm, and many other custom sizes.

Please refer to the following a few of our frame styles. 

►Adjustable Wire Gauges and Hole Size

With adjustable wire gauges and hole sizes, customers can choose a smaller wire gauge to reduce costs or a larger wire diameter to increase security and tensile strength. Hole sizes can also be adjusted to suit specific project requirements.


►Diverse Choices of Finishes

Mill Finish: The original finish of stainless steel without any surface treatment. This is the cheapest option of all. But customers will usually have them coated by themself after the goods are received.

Regular Painting: The cheapest surface treatment.

PVDF Painting: It has much better adherence than a regular painting with a higher cost.

Copper Plated or Antique Copper Plating:

The copper-plated finish is a reddish copper-like finish. While an antique copper finish is an extra processed aged finish.

Brass / Antique Brass Plating or Antique Bronze Plating: Similar to antique copper finish, these are all brass-based surfaced treatments.

PVD Titanium Plating: This is a titanium-based surface coating under a vacuum environment, with colors including golden, rose golden color, gun black, and other custom colors.

►Endless Possibilities

The METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh is not limited to partition screens; it can also be used in many other different areas, including the cabinetry industry to create stunning wire mesh doors, railing infill wire mesh to fabricate creative interior balustrade panels, and an architectural facade screen as solar control panels. When cut diagonally, the mesh has a modern and elegant look, adding versatility to this already multifunctional material.


►Long-lasting and Low Maintenance

Made from high-quality stainless steel wire mesh, the METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh has a long-lasting lifespan and requires minimal maintenance. Its beauty and versatility make it an excellent investment that adds value to any project.

By choosing the METART-WW12 Decor Wire Mesh Partition Screen, customers can create stylish and secure metal partition walls that meet their unique requirements. This versatile material provides endless possibilities for various applications, from fencing and partition screens to cabinetry doors. With its classic design, strength, and affordability, this mesh is an excellent choice for architects, designers, and builders alike.