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How to use wire mesh screen to stop baby falling from a timber deck fence?

Post time: 10 01,2022

Common decking railing or balustrading designs like the following pictures are cost-effective, but they may also have some risk of baby falling.

As the body of a small baby might get stuck or get through the railing slots, many people want to do some modifications without changing the whole system.
If you have such a wooden railing system for your deck, is it possible to modify it a little bit to add a stylish feature and safety to the current system?
The answer is Yes, and here are a few options you could do. The option is given from the most featured and creative pattern to the simplest options.

1.    Laser Cut Metal Screen
For this option, you will have a lot of different and complicated stunning patterns to choose from.
As you already had the whole structure to support the panel, then this panel you are choosing doesn’t have to be too thick and rigid. A laser cut screen ranging from 1mm to 2mm is good enough to attach to your current fence.
Before attaching the laser cut flat screen to your fence, drill some small holes for fixations.
Simply using wooden screws to tighten the panel to your fence and then all done.
Please refer to the METART laser cut website page to get inspiration

2.    Architectural woven wires
Architectural woven wires are those woven wire mesh made in a stylish and creative way. It is always called decorative wire mesh as it is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration. Decorative wire mesh is mainly made of stainless steel wires. The cost is much higher than ordinary steel wire mesh, but it has so many different stunning patterns. Please refer to the following link to get some idea and inspiration.

3.    Perforated Sheets.
Perforated sheets are often referred to as those metal sheets that are punched or perforated into screens with a regular pattern of cut-outs.
It is always cheaper to choose a standard round hole 60-degree staggered pattern, as this is the most popular and commonly used perf pattern in the world. It is easy to get from local dealers and distributors.
As it is easy to get rust issues for a common steel perforated sheet, it is better to purchase a perforated galvanized sheet or perforated aluminium instead. Of course, it would be great if it is powder coated galvanized sheet or powder coated aluminium, you won’t worry to get rust.
Please refer to the following link of METART perforated sheet.
If you are after some really decorative perforated sheet patterns, you will have to accept custom items, the cost would be much higher.
Please refer to the following link for decorative perforated sheets

4.    Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Panel
A stainless steel welded wire panel is good weather resistant, and the grid-looking bright finish is also appealing for outdoor use. Please refer to our introduction page for stainless steel welded mesh panels.

5.    Other cheap and light weighted wire mesh products include light DVA mesh, steel welded mesh, and common crimped wire mesh etch. Anyway, it is better than nothing.