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What is architectural woven wire?

Post time: 09 25,2022

We are talking too much about architectural woven wire here. But, have you ever thought about what are architectural woven wires?
To figure out this question, we have to know firstly, what for real is woven wire.
Woven wire is also known as woven wire mesh, which is literally a wire fabric that is made of the different materials of wires in a woven way.
Weaving is the method or technique how to form the wires into a net fabric. According to its way of manufacturing, woven wire is named to differentiate its counterpart material welded wire which is also a similar wire mesh that is welded together by wires.

In the very beginning, both woven wires and welded wires are generally used for industrial purposes, mainly for filtration, sieving, and protection.
With the development of modern architectural design, many architects and designers all over the globe started to seek new materials for interior and exterior decoration.
The woven wire mesh that is made of a thicker gauge of wires and weather-resistant materials including aluminium and stainless steel become a popular architectural material for interior wall cladding, space divider screen infills, residential and commercial railing infills, outdoor fencing infill screens, garden decorative screens, building shading screens, solar control screen panels, etc.

Meantime, architects care more about the patterns and style, and finishes of these common-looking woven wires. Global manufacturers started to innovate and create a lot of complicated weaving patterns with fancy appearances and lots of colorful finishes that offer the mesh fabric an even more stunning look. 
These woven wire mesh that is rigid enough, super weather resistant, with a fancy weaving tyle and finish can be defined as real architectural woven wire.