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Turn your wall opening into a featured decorative screen.

Post time: 08 02,2022

Need some inspiration for your wall opening decoration?

Possibly you could try with some decorative screens. You will get a certain of privacy without compromising your views and ventilation.

Option 1, Laser Cut Aluminium Screens, Black Powder Coated.

This leaves pattern “METART-LC-18” brings your home to some kind of forest atmosphere where you are living next to a small jungle world.

This bubble laser-cut pattern “METART-LC-12” looks just like stars in the sky. If you install a couple of backdrop lights near the screen, you will get a beautiful galaxy shadow in your home when you turn off the light in your living room.

Option 2, Laser Cut Aluminum Sheet, White Powder Coated Finish.

METART-LC-01 laser cut pattern is designed with different shaped pebbles. It is suitable for the wall opening that is connected to your gardens and small yard.

Option 3, Framed Decorative Woven Wire Screen.

This framed screen adopts METART WW18SSRC as infill mesh, the vertical wires are made of 304 grade stainless steel, and the horizontal wires are made of real copper. It is more suitable for luxurious hotel decoration screens or convenience hall wall opening covers.

Option 4, Decorative Perforated Sheets.

These punched decorative patterns can be used as decorative covers for smaller wall holes, like vents or small widows.